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Web Development

There are many reasons people may leave your website without making a purchase or contacting you. Customers may see your site as unattractive or even outdated. This can make a bad impression from the get-go. Also, the content on your website needs to give your customers all the information they need to move to the next step. Whether you want them to contact you or make a purchase, they should know exactly what to do. Your website also needs to be easy-to-use and functional on both desktop and mobile.

Our website design experts create gorgeous, custom websites. In addition to visual design, we also embed relevant keywords and technical search engine optimization information right in the code of your site. This helps search engines rank your site for search terms. We also create high quality, keyword-rich content to help your customers find you online and also persuade them to choose your company. Your website is the foundation of your internet marketing strategies. Make sure your website is your hardest-working salesman with website design from our team.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization from your digital marketing agency is a long-term strategy for increasing income. Unlike traditional marketing, SEO offers high ROI and straightforward results. We set your website up for success by including all the best practices of SEO. We also provide ongoing optimization services to help people find your website. Our SEO experts offer years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to create strategies that help you achieve your goals.

Think about it – how likely are you to click through ten pages of search results ? Your business needs to get to the first page to increase traffic to your website and boost sales. People also trust the results on the first page of their search, which lends you instant credibility. Organic results are king for getting website visitors and new customers.

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An eCommerce site is the foundation of your online retail business. It needs robust functionality, a flawless user experience, sensible category navigation, informative, appealing product pages, and a seamless means to place orders and complete transactions. EC Marketing Solutions understands the importance of these features and many, many more, as well as the technology necessary to make these features an effective means to maximize profitability.

We build responsive, mobile-first projects with the world’s most popular front-end framework, Bootstrap, adhering to industry best practice using the pillars of front-end development to design, specify and programme the behaviour of web pages.

We offer custom solutions based on your company’s needs.

Having a good online presence, developing a coherent strategy, correctly managing your Social Networks and being participatory in your community, can facilitate the increase in conversion of potential customers.

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